Friday, October 12, 2012

  I have to put out there that Betty completely out did herself with these images! That being said, you should have come here from If you got lost in the vast world wide web like I so often do, head over to to start from the beginning so you can see all the FANTASTIC images the other lovely ladies colored up and created with! Oh, and please excuse my lack of creativity/coloring on some of the cards/images. I wanted to get all the images colored before my baby arrived, just in case she decided to show up early!
This is the Green Sistah image, which I decided to color pink, really not sure why (hehe) 
 This is the  Red Sistah image =)
The purple Sistah (I obviously have issues with my colors, brown and green are a far cry from purple, haha)
Little Munster Lady. She is probably my favorite out of all 6, I just love her so much!
 Little Dark Mistress. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Elvira, so I nearly had a panic attack when I saw Betty included her in the release.
Dark Homemaker. She may be my favorite image too, I don't know. They're all too wickedly awesome to try and pick just one!
That's all folks! Your next stop is Sharon
Thanks for any input and comments! I'm new to the wonderful world of coloring with Copics so I'm still learning =) 

Here is the list for all the blogs, just is case!
1. Betty Roberts
2. Corinne Jones
3. Katrina Benton
4. Erin Fairclough
5. Louise Mann
6. Anda Nicolson
7. Irene Sherman
8. Anita Blake
9. Beth Creation
10. Ginger Williams
11. Veronica Chasteen Rosenshein
12. Trish Sakulich
13. Laura Boyd
14. Katie Holder
15. Celina Matthews
16. Kelly Millett
17. Rachel
18.Ashley Murphy HERE
19. Sharon


  1. Wonderful work! I like your choice of colors.:)

  2. Wow! These are awesome. Fabulous colouring x

  3. Ashley these are all GREAT!!!! Love them

  4. Very cute! I love the pink dress on Green Sistah! Nice job on all!

  5. Lovely cards! I really like the color choice too :)